As well as lots of beer, we also offer music throughout the day to make your day as fun and lively as possible! The music is organised by Pete Watkins, one of our Top Team members. All the artists give their time free of charge to support our wonderful cause.

Here is the 2021 line up!

Hook Norton Brass Band12:0014:00
Bev Gray (acoustic solo singer, guitarist, covers)14:0014:40
Weird Boyfriend (originals band 4/5 piece)15:0015:45
Badgers (4 piece covers rock band)16:1517:00
Brothers Homebrew (3 piece Bluegrass originals)17:3018:15
No Tools Required (4/5 piece covers band)18:4519:30
The Originals (3 piece originals band acoustic)20:0020:45
Blues Extra (4/5 piece rock covers band)21:1522:00