2021 Festival Beers

Last updated 24/09/21

 AbbeydaleMoonshine4.3%A beautifully well balanced pale perfect for any occasion
 ArkellsHoperation IPA4.2%Floral grapefruit aroma, grassy orange flavour with a snappy, clean bitterness
 BackyardThe Hoard3.9%Gold/straw coloured, brewed to mark the discovery of the ‘Staffordshire Hoard’
 BatemansBatemans XB3.7%A grainy, quaffable ale made with pale and chocolate malts
 BathamBest4.3%Initially sweet, but a complex dry, hoppy taste soon predominates
 BewdleyWorcestershire Way3.6%A very refreshing session beer with citrus after tones
 Black SheepRiggwelter5.9%Layers of chocolate and coffee are most prominent with dark fruits
 BrakspearOxford Gold4.0%Citrusy flavour with a fresh and zesty fruity finish
 Castle RockHarvest Pale3.8%Distinct hop flavour leading to a crisp finish
 Clavell & HindLiberty4.8%Beautiful fruity aromas, from chinook and brewers gold, IPA with malty sweetness  
 DonningtonCotswold Gold4.0%Award-winning beer with a citrus flavour followed by a rounded malt finish
 DonningtonSBA4.4%A premium bitter, with a hint of fruit and a dry, malty finish.
 Dow BridgeRatae’d4.3%Tawny coloured ale with good hop aroma and a bittersweet finish
 ElgoodGreyhound5.2%Chestnut coloured beer with rich raisiny notes and malty strength
 EnvilleGinger Ale4.6%Ginger flavour which is not overpowering & very refreshing
 EverardsGolden Hop3.5%Zesty lemon aroma and a bold grapefruit flavour.
 FelinfoelDouble Dragon4.2%Full drinking premium Welsh Ale, malty and subtly hopped
 Fosse WayAurora3.6%Refreshing, light bodied, with flavours of grapefruit, mango and melon
 Fosse WaySentinel Dark Ale4.5%Fruity malt flavours with caramel-toffee, roast coffee and chocolate
 GrainstoreTen Fifty5.0%Pronounced hop bitterness & aroma & a natural malty sweetness
 Hall & WoodhouseFursty Ferret4.3%Full-bodied biscuity taste, subtle floral and lemon hop aroma
 HanlonsBrewers Blend4.5%Our Brewers favourite blend. Fruity Smooth Premium ale.
 Hogs BackTEA4.2%An enticing amber colour with a hoppy and slightly fruity aroma
 Hook NortonHooky Best3.5%Subtly balanced, amber bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate
 Hook NortonHooky Gold4.1%Very pale, crisp, with a hoppy character & fruity aroma
 Hook NortonHoppy Hooky4.2%A hoppy beer made by James! Has he still got it!
 Hook NortonMild2.8%Dark ale full of roast malt flavours with superb dry hop aromas
 Hook NortonFlagship5.3%An Indian Pale ale with a fruity mouth feel and a distinctive sweet aroma
 Hook NortonOff the Hook4.3%Citrus and orange notes give a full on refreshing beer.
 Hook Norton          Old Hooky4.6%Fruity, with a well-rounded body & the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt
 Hook NortonDouble Stout4.8%A charismatic combination of black and brown malts giving a dry toasted taste
 Hydes AnvilHopster Blonde3.8%A zesty blonde ale
 LeesAmercian Classic4.2%Light-flavoured, malt-accented with a dry and interesting toffee, malt flavoured finish
 LoddonShmoke Shtack4.8%Dark and smokey, with spicy English hops and rich chocolate malts
 Mighty OakCaptain Bob3.8%A twist of New Zealand hops imparting grape, elderflower and gooseberry aroma
 North CotswoldShagweaver XL5.4%Golden double hopped and moreish
 OxbrewHufflepuff3.8%Pale ale of prime hops with a soft caramel base
 PrescottPit Stop4.0%Easy drink citra hopped IPA with mellow aromas of Citra and tropical fruit
 PurityPure Ubu4.5%A distinctive, full flavoured beer with a sweeter finish and dark fruit notes
 RamsburyRPA4.0%A rich golden beer with a hoppy aroma
 SharpsSharps Atlantic4.5%Showcases the citrus aromas and flavours of American hops
 SkinnersBetty Stogs4.0%A modern, fruity and malty amber ale
 St AustellTribute4.2%Light toffee malt, grapefruit, lime, elderflower & spicy hop aroma
 TeignworthyGundog4.3%Full of Golding Hops with a flower/fruity aromatic finish
 Teme ValleyHop Nouvelle4.1%Exceptionally pale, made with green hops – unique to each year
 Timothy TaylorLandlord4.3%A classic pale ale with a complex citrus and hoppy aroma
 TringNosebag4.3%A classic ESB with a fine aromatic bitterness
 TurpinFestiv-Ale4.0%Golden ale full flavour using two citrus hops from USA and NZ, crisp with bitter finish
 TurpinGolden Citrus4.2%Award winning pale ale with Yakima Valley American hops for a powerful citrus taste
 TurpinPorta Moka5.2%Dark ale made with five malts infused with cocoa, vanilla and coffee
 UleyTavernier4.5%A full flavoured and hoppy palate balanced by underlying fruit
 Wadworth6X Original Ale4.1%Delicious malt and fruit character with a long, lingering malty finish
 WarwickshireJames’s Spaniel4.1%A refreshing blonde ale that’s well-balanced, fruity and lightly hopped
 WessexGold4.5%A refreshing golden ale
 White HorseShow Pony4.5%Crisp, grapefruit with refreshing tropical undertones
 White HorseVillage Idiot4.1%Light and refreshing with a hoppy aroma and light, citrus flavours
 Windsor and EtonCanberra Autumn Ale4.0%6 speciality malts and Maple Syrup to produce a rich, satisfying malty beer
 WychwoodHobgoblin Gold4.2%An easy drinking golden beer with tropical aromas of citrus and passion fruit
 Wye ValleyWholesome Stout4.6%Rich coffee notes with roasted barley and dry bitter finish
 GwatkinsNorman6.5%Award winning country cider
 WestonsOld Rosie6.8%Cloudy, fruity cider, aroma of wild berry-fruits & honey
 WestonsRosie Pig4.8%Cloudy cider with a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice
 Cotswold Brewing CoHaus Lager4.0%Light bodied with delicate notes of elderflower, citrus and a sweet malt finish