2018 Festival Beers

Beers promised as of 20th July.

AbbeydaleDeception4.1%Aromas of elderflower and grapes, strong citrus flavours & a long lasting bitter finish
AdnamsGhostship4.5%A  pale ale with an assertive pithy bitterness, a malty backbone and great citrus flavours
AdnamsLighthouse3.4%Light fragrance, lovely malt flavours and long hoppy after palate
Arkells3B4.0%A copper coloured ale with a pleasant fruity and malty nose
AtomicAtomic Strike3.7%A pale golden ale with a sharp fruity aromatic aroma and a good sharp bitter finish
BackyardThe Hoard3.9%A golden straw coloured beer
BatemanYellabelly3.9%A golden beer with a refreshing citrussy flavour and crisp, dry finish
BathamBathams Best Bitter4.3%Straw coloured, sweetish, Black Country Beer with hoppy aftertaste
BeartownCreame Bearlee4.8%A luscious stout with rich vanilla and molasses
BewdleyWorcestershire Way3.6%A pale straw coloured session beer with citrus after tones
BlacktorDevonshire Pale Ale4.5%Refreshing, with smooth balanced bitterness, citrus & floral notes & an aromatic dry crisp finish
Box SteamHalf Sovereign4.3%Fresh and vibrant and full of Slovenian hops – your citrus summer thirst quencher
BradfieldFarmers Blonde4.0%Very pale, refreshing, brilliant blonde beer with citrus and summer fruit aromas
BrainsRev James4.5%Rich and well-balanced with a mellow malty flavour giving way to a clean, refreshing finish
BrakspearSpecial4.3%A truly classic English beer, golden red with a well balanced aroma & a hint of sweetness
Bristol Beer FactoryTalisman5.0%A banger of an NZ IPA! Pale gold with grape, tropical fruit & citrus flavours
BroughtonHopopotamus3.8%Insanely dry hopped pale ale with extreme fruity, hoppy flavour and zesty punch
ByattsWest Coast Baby!4.6%Smooth easy drinking American IPA with fruity aroma and an abundance of tropical fruit flavour
Castle RockHarvest Pale Ale3.8%Distinct hop flavour leads to a crisp finish
Clouded Minds99 Steps4.0%Light, citrusy and easy-drinking thirst quencher with a lingering bitterness
CoorsSharps Atlantic4.2%Deep golden ale with citrus notes, juicy tropical fruits and a touch of candy floss
Cornish ChoughKynance Blonde4.2%A well balanced malt and hop aroma with a crisp palate and stringent roundness of flavour
Dark StarHophead3.8%An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes
DonningtonBest Bitter3.6%A pleasant amber bitter with a slight hop aroma and a bitter aftertaste
DonningtonCotswold Gold4.0%Golden with a citrus flavor followed by a rounded malt finish
Dow BridgeAcris3.8%A superb classic session bitter, packed with flavour
DownlandsMosaic4.8%A single hopped vegan friendly APA
Driftwood SparsSpars3.8%A crisp, fruity, golden ale
East LondonOatmeal Stout5.8%An elegantly smooth stout with a silky mouthfeel, rich dark fruit flavour and hints of coffee
ElgoodBeer Goggles5.0%A strong blonde beer
EnvilleGinger Ale4.6%Produced using root extract ginger with a flavour which is not overpowering & very refreshing
EverardsTropical IPA4.3%Golden ale with aroma of lychees, grapefruit and peach and a gooseberry taste
FelinfoelDouble Dragon4.2%A deep copper red ale with a tangy red fruit flavour and nutty, toffee overtones
ForgeLitehouse Ale4.3%A hoppy ale with fruity notes and hints of elderflower
Fosse WayBackscratcher4.5%A dark copper coloured ale with plenty of caramel, chocolate and toffee flavours
Fosse WayDark Side4.8%A dark, ruby, full-bodied porter bursting with roast coffee, chocolate and dark fruit flavours
Fuller’sLondon Pride4.1%An easy-drinking beer with great body and a fruity, satisfying finish
GrainstoreTen Fifty5.0%Mahogany coloured with hop bitterness & aroma balanced against a natural malty sweetness
Great OrmeRed Dragon4.5%A red ale, full of US-style hop flavour and aroma
Grey TreesChinookan4.3%Medium intensity spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit
Grey TreesDrummer Boy4.2%A smooth bitterness and aroma with a fresh fruity finish
Greyhound (Ballards)Nyewood Gold5.0%A golden premium ale with light biscuit malt flavours and spicy hop characteristics
Gun Dog AlesHot Dog3.9%A golden ale with a refreshing citrus taste
Hall & WoodhouseFursty Ferret4.1%Dark crystal malt with a full-bodied biscuity taste & a subtle floral and lemon hop aroma
HambletonSession Pale3.6%Light, refreshing and thirst quenching with a delicate blend of English and American hops
HanlonsYellow Hammer4.2%Aromatic with pineapple and banana fruitiness, with a delicate hoppy finish
HarveysBest Bitter4.0%A blend of four local hops creates a superbly balanced bitter
Heavy IndustryForza4.5%Blonde beer with a touch of Cara Red and a smooth bitterness and fruit
Holden’sGolden Glow4.4%Golden ale with subtle, fragrant hop aromas, a gentle sweetness & a slightly citrus bitter finish
Hook NortonBest3.5%A subtly balanced, amber bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate
Hook NortonCrafty Fox4.8%India Pale Ale heady hoppy fruit flavours combine with the darkness of stout
Hook NortonGold4.1%A very pale, crisp beer, with a hoppy character. A fruity aroma and a pleasant, light taste
Hook NortonHaymaker5.0%A strong pale ale of distinctive taste – like sunshine dancing on the tongue.
Hook NortonKaty Lou4.4%A pint-sized feisty drop large in character with a citrus hop
Hook NortonMan’s Best Friend4.0%Malty and fruity with a slightly sweet finish
Hook NortonMild2.8%A dark chestnut coloured ale, full of roast malt flavours, and superb dry-hop aromas
Hook NortonOld Hooky4.6%Fruity by nature, with a well-rounded body & the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt
Hook NortonSaison No 16.5%Sour like farmhouse style beer, slightly spicy, fruity and dry
Hook NortonTatty’s Hale4.2%Amber ale with fuggles, Golding and Bramling Cross and Willamette hops, zesty with citrusy note
Hop BackSummer Lightning5.0%An extremely pleasant bitter, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma
Hydes AnvilJutland5.0%A pale coloured beer fermented with a lager yeast strain for a subtle, clean flavour
IlkleyMary Jane3.5%Intensely refreshing, with citrus aroma and balanced bitterness
Itchen ValleyPride of the Valley3.8% Aromatic, slightly bitter, easy drinking and perfect as a session beer
KingstoneGold4.0%A straw-coloured, smooth ale with citrus notes and a lovely balanced hoppy finish
LanghamSundowner4.2%A deep, golden beer with tropical fruit, pineapple & citrus notes & a smooth maltiness
LeesSummer Pale Ale5.2%A citrussy pale ale with big aromas and plenty of hoppy fruitiness
LoddonNotus4.7%Tropical, fruity and delicious
Mighty OakMaldon Gold3.8%A blonde thirst-quenching brew, hoppy and fruity
MoncadaVerano3.2%A pale session ale with notes of tropical fruit
NailsworthExcelsior4.2%A malty smooth bitter with a fruity taste
North CotswoldSummer Solstice4.2%A golden refreshing ale full of summer sunshine
OakhamJHB3.8%Light gold in colour, smooth with citrus fruitiness and a refreshing hoppy finish
OxbrewRed Ale4.6%Deep, rich and fully hopped with flavours from the US and NZ hops
PershoreOh Betty5.0%A rich amber ale, with distinct floral aroma, a delicate yet citrus bitterness & a dry juniper finish
PurityBunny Hop3.5%A bold beer, which perfectly balances its low abv, pale malts and powerful hops with an IBU 55
RamsburyRamsbury Pale Ale4.0%A light golden summer ale with hoppy notes
RebellionSmuggler4.2%Amber coloured, with a distinctive fruity hop character, and lasting bittersweet finish
RudgateRuby Mild4.4%A nutty, rich and satisfying ruby ale
SalamanderMud Puppy4.2%A bittersweet copper-coloured bitter with a distinctive hop character
Sherfield VillageAdmiral Single Hop4.3%An English single-hopped golden beer
ShotoverProspect3.7%A session bitter designed to be full of hoppy character and flavour
Six BellsCloud 94.2%A golden ale with a great finish
Six BellsOw Do4.0%A lovely, auburn, malty bitter
SlaughterhouseBlack Saddle5.0%Dark in colour but light on the roastiness, dry finish with good hop character
St AustellTribute4.2%Light toffeeish malt base, grapefruit & lime notes, & elder flower, grapefruit & spicy hop aroma
St GeorgesPremium IPA4.0%Golden session IPA, jam-packed with hops
Stratford on AvonMalty Pig4.4%A full bodied dark golden bitter with hints of caramel
SummerskillsStart Point3.7%Golden with a clean and fresh nose. Sweet upfront with a delicate bitter finish
TeignworthyOld Moggy4.4%A lovely golden ale with a good, hoppy, citrus taste
Teme ValleyThat4.1%A chestnut coloured best bitter with a robust malt flavour balanced by powerful hops
Timothy TaylorKnowle Spring4.2%A light, refreshing blonde ale
Timothy TaylorLandlord4.3%A classic strong pale ale
Tomos WatkinIPA4.8%Golden with a fruity, flavoursome punch & the irresistible aromas of peach, mandarin & apricot
Tomos WatkinOSB4.5%A rich red premium cask ale with a full fruity/citrus hop flavour
TorrsideFire Damage5.0%A smooth, rich, stout with its feet firmly rooted in the smoked beer traditions of Germany
TringSide Pocket for a Toad3.6%Golden, hoppy and packed with flavour
Triple FFFMoondance4.2%A pale ale with an aromatic floral nose, a gentle bitterness & a hint of sweetness
TurpinGolden Citrus4.2%Light and hoppy with a citrus aftertaste
TwistedWTF3.8%A pale chestnut beer, hints of caramel & toffee & a refreshingly hoppy finish
Two CocksLeveller3.8%Complex maltiness, levelled off by a single variety of traditional old English hops
UleyHogshead3.5%Pale coloured, hoppy session bitter with good hop aroma, full flavour & a bitter-sweet aftertaste
UntappedWhoosh4.2%Packed with clean tropical flavours with a long clean hoppy refreshing finish
WarwickshireS.P.A.3.8%A pale ale with honey, floral and spicy notes
WessexRussian Stoat9.0%Dark chocolate, sour cherries, liquorice, treacle, molasses, cherry, coffee trace & sour cream!
White HorseVillage Idiot4.1%A light straw coloured beer with a lasting fruity aftertaste
WickwarSundowner3.8%Artisan ale with a hint of melon and strawberries
Windsor and EtonEton Boatman4.3%Citrus flavours and hints of exotic fruit. Artisan ale with a hint of melon and strawberries
WychwoodHobgoblin Gold4.2%The perfect golden beer – with a huge hop punch
Wye ValleyBeer on Wye4.0%A summery pale ale with a delicate citrus finish, packed with elderflowers
Wye ValleyDeuce3.8%Straw coloured ale, with a hint of British summer fruits
XTThree IPA4.2%Crisp, clean and refreshing with a lasting hoppy bite
YorkGuzzler3.6%Easy drinking, crisp & refreshing session ale with a light citrus palate & overtones of grapefruit
WestonsRosie Pig4.8%Cloudy cider with a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice
WestonsRosie Pig4.8%Cloudy cider with a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice
OxbrewFreudian Slip3.6%A deep-flavoured, refreshing, darker lager. Slip then Sip
Fosse WayJozi Gold4.2%A refreshing, clear-filtered craft lager, clean drinking with a subtle ‘passion-fruit’ hopping
Cotswold Brewing Co22 Lager2.2%Full-flavoured, low alcohol, with a real taste of lager, which alcohol-free beers tend not to have!