2013 Festival Beers

Brewery NameBeer NameABVDescriptionCounty
AbbeydaleDeception4.1%A pale beer, made with fabulous Nelson Sauvin hops. Aromas of elderflower and grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit. Long lasting bitter finish. Very refreshing and packed full of flavour.Yorkshire
AdnamsSouthwold Bitter3.7%A beautiful copper-coloured beer, late and dry-hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness.Suffolk
AdnamsSouthwold Bitter 23.7%A beautiful copper-coloured beer, late and dry-hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness.Suffolk
Arkell’sWiltshire Gold4.0%A light golden coloured Ale brewed using English Maris Otter malt, which creates a satisfyingly sweet malty flavour. The use of traditional hops give the beer a mellow floral hop aroma followed by a distinctive hoppy taste.Wiltshire
Backyard BrewhouseThe Hoard4.1%Citrus and pine nose, with a dry, crisp and hoppy taste.West Midlands
BallardsMidhurst Mild3.4%Traditional mahogany brown, mild, smokey, roasted nutty aroma with sweet molasses and dark chocolate flavours.Hampshire
BatemanYella Belly Gold3.9%A golden colour, refreshing beer brewed with lager malt and Chinook and Cascade hops, giving a lovely citrus flavour and aroma, which is quite dry and very moreish.Lincolnshire
BelhavenBelhaven Back4.3%Bursting with roast coffee and chocolate flavours, this is a truly genuine and premium pint. Brewed using pure Scottish water and a unique blend of Scottish triple malts sourced from the finest locally grown barley.East Lothian
BelhavenIPA3.8%Refreshing floral hints and citrus tones combine to produce the unmistakable clean, crisp flavour of this long awaited IPA… Well worth waiting for!East Lothian
BellingersSummer Ale3.7%A light refreshing session bitter with soft, nutty, toffee malts with a late bitternessOxfordshire
BewdleyWorcestershire Way3.6%A pale straw colour, First Gold, Celeia, and Fuggles hops. A very refreshing session beer with citrus aftertones.Worcestershire
BrainsSA Gold4.3%A full-flavoured, hoppy and refreshing golden ale with a satisfying bitterness, vibrant citrus aromas and complex hop flavours.Glamorgan
Branscombe ValeBranoc3.8%A bronze amber session beer that is fruity and well balanced.
Braydon AlesThrudger3.8%Old Wiltshire term meaning ‘Quaffer’. Smooth on the palate, hints of grapefruit and a pleasing floral citrus hop aroma lead to a balanced bitter finish.Wiltshire
BreconshireWelsh Pale Ale3.7%A very pale mildly hopped session ale brewed to an old welsh style guide to a pale ale. Fuggle hops give the delicate slightly floral aromas and flavours.Powys
Brough’sBrough’s Blonde4.6%A pale blonde hoppy ale.Shropshire
BroughtonClipper IPA4.2%A light coloured, crisp tasting, well-hopped ale. Clean refreshing malt flavour overlaid with a strong hop character and a crisp hop bitter aftertaste.Peeblesshire
BuckinghamGolden Ale3.8%A very hoppy golden ale. Created using a generous amount of hops. A light chocolate note from the malt contrasts with soft grapefruit and orange fruitiness from the hops in the aroma and taste of this golden ale, which finishes dry and bitter.Bucks
Burton BridgeBurton Bitter4.2%A mid amber coloured ale with a big fruity aroma and aftertasteStaffordshire
ButcombeGreat Grey Owl3.6%A subtle biscuit malt background balances the strong hop character. Hugely fruity on the nose, tropical fruit flavours take over on the palate leading to a citrus bitterness in the finish.Avon
Cannon RoyallBlonde Bombshell4.3%Light and zesty with a fresh flavour.Worcestershire
Carlsberg – TetleyTBCTBCTBCSouth Wales
Castle RockHarvest Pale Ale3.8%Pale beer with a distinct hop flavour that leads to a crisp finish.Nottinghamshire
CompassWest3.5%Following our move West, a lower strength flavourful beer.Oxfordshire
CoorsHancocks HB3.6%Dating from at least 1925, a traditional cask ale with an aroma full of crystal toffee and pear drops with a hint of liquorice. A touch drying, its soft and smooth malty palate has a faintly sharp finish.Staffordshire
CoorsSharps Doom Bar4.0%A balance of spicy resinous hop, inviting sweet malt and delicate roasted notes.Staffordshire
Cotswold Brewing CoCotswold Lager4.0%Light and refreshing with hints of tropical fruit and elderflower.Gloucestershire
CumbriaLoweswater Gold4.3%A pale gold beer with a hoppy citrus zesty aroma and a sweet, lemon, fruity taste.Cumbria
Dark StarHophead3.8%An extremely clean drinking pale gold coloured ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes. This beer is full-bodied despite its very quaffable strength and dryness.West Sussex
DonningtonBest Bitter3.5%Light, malty and delicious, from Hooky’s only real rival.Gloucestershire
DonningtonS B A4.0%A malty bitter from Britain’s most picturesque brewery.Gloucestershire
DowbridgeFosse Ale4.8%Auburn premium beer with caramel and burnt toffee flavours, leading to a hoppy dry finish.Leicestershire
DowbridgePraetorian Porter5.8%An award winning brew, dark rich slightly sweet with hoppy undertones.Leicestershire
East LondonJamboree4.8%A golden beer using English hops throughout, giving a smooth but refreshing mouthfeel.London
EnvilleGinger Beer4.6%Produced using root extract ginger this ingeniously created ginger beer has a flavour which is not overpowering and is very refreshing.West Midlands
EverardsTiger Best4.2%An award winning best bitter brewed with crystal malt to give it a rounded toffee character.Leicestershire
FelinfoelDouble Dragon4.20%A full drinking, premium Welsh Ale, which is malty and subtly hopped. Double Dragon has a rich colour and smooth balanced character. This deep copper red ale has a tangy red fruit flavour with nutty, toffee overtones.Carmarthenshire
FlowerpotsFlowerpots Bitter3.8%A dry, hoppy traditional bitter with a light bronze colour. Delicious!Hampshire
FreeminerBack Street Heroes4.5%Brewed for the bikers magazine, it truly is the “engine oil of life”.Gloucestershire
Fuller’sLondon Pride4.1%Rich and smooth, with a good malty base – an a easy drinking beer with great body and a fruity, satisfying finish.Middlesex
Fuller’sWild River4.5%A double-hopped pale ale, inspired by some of the finest craft brewers from the USA, bursting with citrus hop flavours.Middlesex
Goff’sTournament4.0%An amber thirst quencher with delicate floral aroma and bitter sweet finish.Gloucestershire
GrainstoreTen Fifty5.0%A full strength mahogany coloured beer, which has a moreishness typical of a beer possessing the fine balance of pronounced hop bitterness & aroma against a natural malty sweetness, creating a deceivingly drinkable beer.Leicestershire
Greene KingHurdy Gurdy4.1%A mellow cloudy wheat ale with a zesty fruit notes and a gentle swirling floral aroma.Suffolk
Hall & WoodhouseHopping Hare4.5%A refreshing ale with a unique hoppy aroma and well-balanced bitterness that is bound to satisfy!Dorset
HambletonHambleton Ale Bitter3.8%A golden bitter with a good balance of malty and refreshing citrus notes leading to a mellow tangy finish.North Yorkshire
HarveysBest Bitter4.0%A full, well-hopped bitter with a reputation that exceeds the borders of its native and adjoining counties.Sussex
HarveysOlympia Golden Ale4.2%A cool golden summer ale.Sussex
Holden’sBush’s Brew4.1%Deliciously Hoppy with a long lingering floral finish.West Midlands
HoltHumdinger4.0%‘Golden Brown in colour. Brewed with a combination of English malt, Mexican Aroma Honey and Citrus Flavoured hops. Winner of the Tesco Beer Challenge.Greater Manchester
Hook NortonHaymaker5.0%A strong pale ale of distinctive taste. Plenty of Goldings hops during the brewing give it a certain something extra – like sunshine dancing on the tongue.Oxfordshire
Hook NortonOld Hooky4.6%A beautifully balanced beer, fruity by nature, with a well-rounded body and the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt.Oxfordshire
Hook NortonHooky3.5%A subtly balanced, golden bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate. The classic session beer, eminently drinkable.Oxfordshire
Hook NortonTwelve Days5.5%Dark, strong, sweet – Hooky’s Xmas ale.  ABV “for guidance only”.Oxfordshire
Hook NortonDouble Stout4.8%Smooth and full-bodied with a refreshing hoppy aftertaste. A blend of dark malts give it a character all of its own. Black malt enriches the colour and teases the palate, and brown malt gives it the dryness.Oxfordshire
Hook NortonCotswold Lion4.0%Perfectly balanced, fresh and fruity. A blend of four malts and four hops gives a slightly sweet taste and a wonderful aroma of dark fruit.Oxfordshire
Hook NortonHooky Gold4.1%A very pale, crisp beer confidently displaying its hop character.  The first Hook Norton Beer to feature American hops, a fruity aroma and a pleasant, light taste.Oxfordshire
HopshackleRed Ale4.3%An amber red well balanced beer.  The taste is initially malt followed by a burst of citrus hop with a dry roasted grain finish.Lincolnshire
Hydes AnvilWinsome Blonde4.0%  A very pale, hoppy beer benefiting from the plentiful use of Citra hops.The new Winsome barley variety is used exclusively and our brewers have employed special brewing techniques to ensure the palest beer is produced from it. Citra hops impart interesting citrus and tropical fruit characters to beer and so this ale guarantees to be refreshing. A great ale for the summer period.Greater Manchester
KingstoneKingstone Gold4.0%A straw-coloured, smooth ale with citrus notes and a lovely balanced hoppy finishMonmouthshire
KingstoneChallenger4.0%A richly hoppy well-balanced ale with a malted nose and toffee undertones.Monmouthshire
LeesManchester Pale Ale3.7%Zesty, fruity beer with characterful flavours that embody the very essence of Manchester – alternative, distinctive and youthful.Greater Manchester
LoddonHoppit3.5%A highly hopped session ale with a Seville Orange marmalade flavour, with dark Invert Sugar giving a smooth taste.Oxfordshire
London FieldsHackney Hopster4.2%A debonair young chap of a pacific pale ale, showing off flavours of grapefruit, lemon zest and gooseberry.London
Long ItchFiesta3.5%Light bodied blond ale, hopped four times giving rich hop aromas of tropical fruits (mango, lychees, grapefruit).Warwickshire
Loose CannonBlonde Bombshell4.2%A blonde beer, very refreshing on the palate with great citrus grapefruit flavours to finishOxfordshire
Loose CannonGunners Gold3.5%This refreshing flavoursome beer offers hints of peach and passion fruit.Oxfordshire
Mighty OakKings4.2%A deep golden beer for hopheads. Brewed with new variety Citra from the USA. Bitter bursts with hoppy fruitiness; passion fruit, nectarine and orange zest, that lasts long into the finish.
MoncadaNotting Hill Blonde4.2%Continental style yellow beer, a mix of hops, bitterness and sweetness. The flavour explodes on the tongue.London
MordueFive Bridges3.6%A fruity amber beer with more than a hint of hops. The bitterness carries on in the after taste. A superb session beer.Tyne & Wear
NethergateGladness4.2%Brewed for the rock band Madness.Suffolk
North CotswoldShagweaver4.5%A pale hoppy bitter brewed with New Zealand HopsWarwickshire
North CotswoldWindrush Ale3.6%A thirst quenching amber session bitter brewed with English Challenger and First Gold hops, for a traditional taste.Warwickshire
OakhamJHB3.8%Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours.Cambridgeshire
Old SwanMa Pardoes Original3.5%A very light mildWest Midlands
Oxfordshire AlesPride of Oxford4.2%To quench a real thirst, we traditionally brew our golden ale to give a biscuity, fruity character and vibrant juicy refreshment. Pride of Oxford is also brewed to appeal to the younger ale drinker, making a real transition from lager.Oxfordshire
Pot BellyWelland Owd4.5%Highly refreshing golden ale, both crisp and dry on the palate with a citrus hop aroma.Northants
PottonPotton Gold4.1%Golden colour with a floral hop character.Bedfordshire
Purity Brewing CoPure Gold3.8%A refreshing golden ale.  An easy drinking beer with a lovely dry and bitter finish.Warwickshire
R C HPG Steam3.9%This complex multi layered ale has a floral hop aroma with medium bodied hop, bitter taste with some fruit and sweetness.Somerset
Robinson’sDizzy Blonde3.8%Straw coloured summer ale with distinctive herbal perfume-like hop aroma, and crisp zesty palate.Cheshire
RoostersYPA4.1%A two-time gold medal winner at the prestigious World Beer Cup, YPA® (Yorkshire Pale Ale) is a pale, aromatic, summer ale that offers up delicate peachy and berry fruit flavours for your taste buds to feast on.Yorkshire
RudgateJorvik Blonde3.8%Flaxen Blonde Ale. Balanced hoppy bitterness and a crisp, fruity finish.Yorkshire
Severn ValeLuverly Jub’lee4.2%Originally brewed to celebrate the Queen’s sixty years on the throne. A golden ale with bright and zingy flavours.Gloucestershire
Shepherd NeameSpitfire4.5%Born to commemorate the Battle of Britain, and may yet win it. Dry and distinctive.
Sherfield VillageWisty5.0%Copper coloured beer with a malty flavour, balanced with predominantly English hops.Hampshire
SkinnersBetty Stogs4.0%Easy drinking copper ale with a superb balance of citrus hops, malt and bitterness.  Bitter finish is slow to develop but long to fade.Cornwall
SlaughterhouseSaddleback3.8%An amber colour conversational bitter with a distinctive Challenger hop flavour.Warwickshire
St AustellGold Rush4.0%A golden hoppy number in the IPA style and a refreshing citrus beer ideal to quench the thirst on a hot summer’s day!Cornwall
St GeorgesCrusade3.8%TBCWorcestershire
St PetersBest Bitter3.7%A traditional best bitter brewed with pale and crystal malts and goldings aroma hops resulting in a full bodied ale with distinctive fruity caramel notes.Suffolk
StroudBudding4.5%Pale ale with a grassy bitterness, sweet malt and luscious floral aroma.Gloucestershire
SummerskillsHopscotch4.1%Golden amber ale with light fruit, hoppy, citrus aroma and a zesty, fruity, refreshing taste.
TeignworthyNeap Tide3.8%A fruity beer. Tastes stronger than it is.Devon
Teme ValleySummer Nights3.7%A thirst quenching summer ale that is dark in colour.Worcestershire
ThornbridgeBrother Rabbit4.0%Lemon zest in colour with a clean, hoppy aroma. A resinous finish and some bitterness.Derbyshire
Three CastlesSaxon Archer4.0%A light brown hoppy ale.Wiltshire
Three CastlesSummer Daze3.6%A crisp refreshing blonde ale.Wiltshire
Timothy TaylorLandlord4.3%Often regarded as one of the best ales in the country, fruity, almost “lemony” bitter. Madonna’s favourite beer!Yorkshire
Timothy TaylorBoltmaker4.0%Genuine Yorkshire Bitter, with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma.Yorkshire
TringMoongazer4.3%All American hopped. This amber/ruby hued ale has a well rounded bitterness with grapefruit, mango and peach hop characteristics imparted by Chinook and Citra.Hertfordshire
TurpinRomers Return3.8%Pale golden citrus hoppy ale packed full of citrus punch with transatlantic hops.Oxfordshire
TurpinElder Flower Power3.6%A refreshing aromatic hoppy blonde bohemian beer infused with freshly picked elderflowers.  Perfect for a summers day!Oxfordshire
UleyUley Bitter4.0%A copper coloured beer with hops and fruit in the aroma, and a malty, fruity taste underscored by a hoppy bitterness with a hint of fruit in the taste. The finish is dry, with a balance of hops and malt.Gloucestershire
WadworthRed White and Brew4.0%Brewed in celebration of all things British; a powerfully hopped golden ale with a zesty hoppy nose. The initial fresh, cleansing palate develops into a strong powerful bitterness, a sorbet of beers and a real thirst quencher.
Watermill InnIsle of Dogs4.5%Golden Bitter with a fresh malty aroma and a distinctive citrus fruit flavour with an intense dry after taste.Cumbria
WentworthWPA4.0%Award winning hoppy ale. Golden in colour with a sharp, bitter taste.South Yorkshire
WessexMerry Minx4.2%Coppery well hopped swilling beer.Wiltshire
Weston’s CiderOld Rosie7.3%The colour palate of burnt orange, sunset yellow and deep red invokes a time for relaxation and divulgence as well as underpinning the rual Herefordshire provenance of our fantastic cloudy cider.Herefordshire
Weston’s CiderWyldwood Organic Still Cider4.8%Produced using organic cider apples and matured in old oak vats which results in an easy to drink cider with a ripe apple aroma and a refreshing well balanced taste.Herefordshire
WhaleWhale Pale Ale3.6%A pale golden ale, lemongrass and honey on the nose with hoppy and citrus flavours and a dry finish.Oxfordshire
White HorseVillage Idiot4.1%A beer well hopped with Challenger/Bramling cross hops with a base of fine pale malt and wheat gives a light straw coloured beer with a lasting fruity aftertaste.Oxfordshire
WickwarBOB4.0%A distinct blend of hops, malt and citrus fruits. The slightly sweet taste turns into a fine, dry bitterness with a lasting finish.Gloucestershire
Windsor and EtonEton Boatman4.3%A very hoppy golden ale.Berkshire
Wood Farm18233.5%A full bodied Dark mild with hints of caramel finishing with a smooth malty palate.Warwickshire
WychwoodHobgoblin4.5%Full-bodied, Ruby beer that delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour, balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity, mischievous character.Oxfordshire
Wye ValleyBitter3.7%A delicate hoppy aroma leading to a full malty flavour ending in a crisp, clean bitter finish.Herefordshire