2007 Festival Beers


1AdnamsExplorer5.5%A light & refreshing blonde beer with the aromas of a grapefruit grove. The citrus attack will burst on your palate!Suffolk
2AlcazarVixens Vice5.2%A pale, strong ale brimming with malt flavour balanced with a clean, crisp, hop taste.Nottinghamshire
3Alehouse BreweryOne Legendary Pub4.0%A straw coloured ale with a pleasant hop aroma and flavour. Distinct lingering bitter finishHertfordshire
4Arbor AlesOld Knobbley4.5%A dark ruby malt best bitter.Avon
5Arkell’sSummer Ale4.0%Refreshing, both light in colour and taste.Wiltshire
6ArundelCastle Ale3.8%A tawny coloured beer with a hoppy aroma. The balance of fruit, hops and malt gives a dry hoppy finish.Sussex
7Atomic BreweryHalf Life5.0%A pale celebration ale in top condition. Well hopped with a fruity aftertaste. Very drinkable, so beware at this ABVWarwickshire
8BadgerRiver Cottage Stinger4.5%Made from fresh organic Dorset nettles – a grassy herbal aroma with subtle gooseberry and lemon citrus notes that build up towards the end of the glass.Dorset
9BallardsMidhurst Mild3.4%TBCHampshire
10Banks & TaylorDragon Slayer4.5%A straw coloured beer, dry, malty and lightly hopped. Originally brewed for St. George’s Day.Berkshire
11BatemanXB4.8%A distinctive, well balanced bitter, with a refreshing dry bitterness on the palate and pleasing hoppy finishLincolnshire
12BathGem4.1%A hint of biscuit and toffee flavours with a long deep bitter-sweet finish and a rich aroma.Avon
13BathamBest Bitter4.3%Straw coloured, fruityStaffordshire
14Black SheepRiggwelter5.9%Recipe for legless sheep…the new peculierYorkshire
15BoddingtonsBitter3.8%The cream of Manchester, tastes much better without the cream on top…
16BrainsReverend JamesTBCRuby-ish colour, easy drinking, full bodied.Glamorgan
17BreaconshireGolden Valley4.2%Voted Championship Beer of Wales 2004/5. A deep golden coloured beer with floral notes and a gentle but persuasive bitterness, making it a very drinkable and thirst-quenching beerPowys
18BroughtonSummer Ale3.5%A light, dry but refreshing summer pint with a crisp hop flavour and aftertaste and a golden colourPeeblesshire
19Burford BreweryBurford Best4.3%Deep amber coloured beer with a distinctive malty taste, smooth with a light bitterness.Oxfordshire
20Burton Bridge25th Anniversary Ale4.5%A golden, hoppy beer. Brewed to celebrate 25 years of brewing at Burton Bridge.Staffordshire
21ButcombeButcombe Blonde4.3%A clean-tasting, refreshing, easy to drink premium beer. Light and fruity with a medium bitter finish.Avon
22CameronsGreen Bullet4.5%A July special – a golden, spicy, citrus bitter, refreshing and fruity.County Durham
23Cannon RoyallFruitiers Mild3.7%Rich roast flavours – more stout than a mildWorcestershire
24Carlsberg – TetleyTetleys Bitter3.7%As a result of brewing this beer in Yorkshire Squares, it has a full-bodied roasted malt flavour with just a hint of caramel. Tetley’s Cask also has a smooth hop character and bitterness derived from English hops.Northamptonshire
25Clark’sWestgate Gold4.2%Light coloured fruity beer with a full body and rich aroma, leaving you wanting more!Yorkshire
26CoorsHancocks HB3.6%A traditional cask ale with an aroma full of crystal toffee and pear drops with a hint of liquorice. A touch drying, its soft and smooth malty palate has a faintly sharp finish.Hampshire
27CotleighCotleigh Anniversary 254.0%Explosion of flavours from American Cascade hops. Light and golden with a fruit filled finish.Somerset
28Cotswold Brewing CoWheat Beer4.2%A light summer drink with hints of fruit, inspired by the traditional German Berliner Weisse styleOxfordshire
29Cotswold SpringApricot Harvest4.7%A light amber ale, flavoured with Amarillo hops and fresh apricots.Gloucestershire
30Cotswold SpringOlde English Rose4.0%Straw-like in colour, this excellent ale depicts every aspect of summer. With an initial dryness on the palate and a hoppy finish, this brew is bursting with flavour.Gloucestershire
31Dark StarHophead3.8%An extremely clean drinking pale gold coloured ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes. This beer is full-bodied despite its very quaffable strength and dryness.Sussex
32DoghouseSea DogTBCTBCCornwall
33DonningtonBest Bitter3.5%Light, malty and delicious, from Hooky’s only real rivalGloucestershire
34DonningtonS B A4.0%A malty bitter from Britain’s most picturesque breweryGloucestershire
35ElgoodCambridge Bitter3.8%Dark amber award winning session beer. Balanced and refreshing with hints of fruit. Drying finish.Cambridgeshire
36EverardsSunchaser4.0%A thirst quenching brew, produced using lager malt and Hallertau lager hops. Saaz premium dry hops are added to give a mixture of sweetness and spice.Leicestershire
37FelinfoelDouble Dragon4.2%The full drinking premium Welsh ale. malty and subtly hopped with a rich colour and smooth balanced character.Carmarthenshire
38FreeminerSpeculation4.8%A rich premium ale, deep ruby red with a balanced hop and malt aftertaste.Gloucestershire
39Frog IslandShoemaker4.2%An orangey aroma of fruity cascade hops is balanced by malt. Citrus and hoppy bitterness lasts into a long dry finish.Northamptonshire
40Fuller’sLondon Pride4.1%Rich and smooth, with a good malty base – an a easy drinking beer with great body and a fruity, satisfying finish.Middlesex
41Goff’sJouster3.8%Well balanced, drinkable tawny aleGloucestershire
42GraftonTwo Water Grog4.0%TBCNottinghamshire
43Greene KingRuddles Orchard4.2%Combines the taste of fresh apple with a blend of unusual hops and premium malted barleySuffolk
44GrindletonRibble Rouser3.8%A single malt, double hopped pale golden bitter with plenty of character and a citrus grapefruit finish.Lancashire
46HanbyAll Seasons4.2%TBCShropshire
47Hogs BackT.E.A.4.2%A pale malty bitter. A well crafted bitter sweet beer with a long dry finish.Surrey
48HoltHumdinger4.0%A refreshing beer brewed with honey and citrus flavoured whole hops to provide a rounded, tongue tingling taste with an exciting aromaGreater Manchester
49Hook NortonM@Cale3.8%TBCOxfordshire
50Hook NortonBeer Festival SpecialTBCTBCOxfordshire
51Hook NortonHooky Bitter3.6%A subtly balanced, golden bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate – the classic session beer, eminently drinkableOxfordshire
52Hook NortonHaymaker5.0%A strong pale ale of distinctive taste. Plenty of Goldings hops during the brewing give it a certain something extra – like sunshine dancing on the tongueOxfordshire
53Hook NortonHooky Dark3.2%A dark chestnut – coloured ale, crammed full of roast malt flavours, and complimented with superb dry-hop aromas from East Kent Goldings.Oxfordshire
54Hook NortonHooky Gold4.2%A pale, crisp beer; the Maris Otter malt gives it a bold, clear, confidence, while the traditional English Fuggles and Goldings and American Willamette hops give it the best of the old and the new worlds.Oxfordshire
55Hook NortonOld Hooky4.6%A beautifully balanced beer, fruity by nature, with a well-rounded body and the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt.Oxfordshire
56HopshackleSpecial Bitter4.3%Tawny coloured malty bitter with an intense caramel aroma with strong malt. The taste is intensely caramel, creamy with bitter-sweet malt, some hops and a tannic bitterness. The finish is strong malt, caramel, clean and very bitter.Lincolnshire
57Hydes AnvilJekylls Gold 24.8%A refreshing, bitter ale with tangy citrus and floral character. Grapefruit and citrus notes in evidence derived from the high proportions of Styrian Goldings that are used.Greater Manchester
58Hydes AnvilJekylls Gold4.8%A refreshing, bitter ale with tangy citrus and floral character. Grapefruit and citrus notes in evidence derived from the high proportions of Styrian Goldings that are used.Greater Manchester
59JenningsCumberland Ale4.0%A superb golden coloured, full flavoured ale with a delicate hop characterCumbria
60LeesBitter4.0%A copper coloured beer with a malty, hoppy aroma. You are left with a distinctive malty aftertaste. One pint is never enough!Greater Manchester
61MordueTBC – new pale aleTBCTBCTyne & Wear
62NethergateSuffolk County4.0%A quality best bitter with great hop and malt aromas together with a punching bitterness.Suffolk
63Oulton AlesSunrise4.0%A light refreshing golden bitter with a taste of elderflower.Suffolk
64Oxfordshire AlesTriple B3.7%A session bitter, well hopped with Styrian and English Golding hops.Oxfordshire
65PottonShannon I P A3.6%A beer that is light and quaffableBedfordshire
66Purity Brewing CoPure Gold3.8%A refreshing Golden Ale – an easy drinking beer with a lovely dry and bitter finish.Warwickshire
67R C HPitchfork4.3%A golden bitter with floral citric hop aroma. A hoppy predominate taste, slightly sweet and fruity, leaves you wanting moreSomerset
68RingwoodBoondoggle4.0%Irresistible hop aroma with high summer floral notes. Initial fruitiness with a crisp dry finish. A straw-coloured beer flavoured with just two aroma hops, the highly prized Fuggles and the new dwarf variety First Gold.Hampshire
69Robinson’sDizzy BlondeTBCTBCCheshire
72St AustellTribute4.2%Hoppy flavour and fresh citrus nose are good enough to rival any fine white wine.Cornwall
73St PetersBest Bitter3.7%A traditional best bitter brewed with pale and crystal malts and goldings aroma hops resulting in a full bodied ale with distinctive fruity caramel notes.Suffolk
74StonehengePigswill4.0%A full bodied beer, not so bitter but rich in hop aroma, giving the beer a delightful aftertaste. The warm amber colour is very appealing to the eyeWiltshire
75TeignworthyOld Moggy4.4%Clear mahogany brew with a citrus flavourDevon
76Three CastlesTBCTBCTBCWiltshire
77Timothy TaylorLandlord4.3%Often regarded as one of the best ales in the country, fruity, almost “lemony” bitter. Madonna’s favourite beer!Yorkshire
78TitanicLifeboat4.0%Cast yourself adrift with this fruity and malty,red brown bittersweet beer. It has a serene caramel character and the finish is dry and fruity.Staffordshire
79TringDoctor Goldfinger4.2%Pure gold! An extremely quaffable summer ale with a pinch of blackcurrant aroma and a hint of citrus notes.Hertfordshire
80UleyOld Spot Prize Ale5.0%Fruity reddish coloured ale, strong balanced aftertaste of hops and bitternessGloucestershire
81WarwickshireChurchyard Bob4.9%A sweet, dark, ruby porter made with chocolate malt. Method ringers used the term ‘Churchyard Bob’ to signal the crossover of bell ringers.Warwickshire
82WellsWaggledance5.0%Pale ale and crystal malt, Fuggle & Golding hops together with honey produce a delicious golden aleBedfordshire
83WellsBombardier4.3%Superlative bitter with an unexpectedly light, fruity flavour and mere suggestion of malt settles on the palate after a lap of honour over every curve of the tongueBedfordshire
85Weston’s CiderOld Rosie7.3%Allowed to settle out naturally after fermentation resulting in a truly old fashioned, full flavoured, appley, cloudy scrumpy with a well-balanced, medium dry character.Herefordshire
86Weston’s CiderPerry4.5%Light and fruity with a well-balanced sweetness. A perfect drink for all occasions.Herefordshire
87Whittingtons BreweryCats Whiskers4.2%A bright, medium-bodied beer, with a gentle sparkle and delivers a rich hop flavour to give a refreshing and characterful pint.Gloucestershire
88Whittingtons BrewerySummer Pale Ale4.0%More refreshing than a traditional bitter but retains a full bodied flavour. With it’s naturally sparkling texture, this beer is certain to show lager drinkers the error of their ways.Gloucestershire
90WizardDruid’s Fluid5.0%A deep brown coloured beer with a fruity smoky aroma. The taste is full-bodied with more rich raisin fruit notes. Winner of last year’s ‘Beer of the Festival Award’. A full bodied, darkish beer with rich fruit and bitter notes.Devon
91WoodShropshire Lass4.1%A golden ale with a refreshing citrus edge to its bitterness.Shropshire
92WychwoodBrakspear Bitter3.4%A superb session beer. Amber in colour, with a good fruit, hop and malt nose.The initial taste of malt and the well hopped bitterness quickly dissolves into a predominantly bittersweet and fruity finish.Oxfordshire
93Wye ValleyButty Bach4.5%A burnished gold premium ale. Full bodied, smooth and satisfying.Herefordshire
94Wyre PiddlePiddle On The PumpTBCTBCWorcestershire