2005 Festival Beers


1AdnamsAdnams Bitter3.7%Southwold bitter, good sessionSuffolk
2ArundelASB4.5%A special bitter with a complex roast malt flavour leading to a fruity, hoppy bitter sweet flavourSussex
3BallardsTrotton3.6%A well flavoured pleasantly hoppy light beerHampshire
4BanksOld Empire5.7%Golden in colour and bursting with quenching malt, cascade hops and fruit character. It’s colour and its flavour make Old Empire a beer that will appeal to 21st Century drinkers.Staffordshire
5BathamBest Bitter4.3%Reddish and well balanced – the Black Country Ladies tipple!Staffordshire
6BeartownKodiak Gold4%A thirst quenching, straw coloured and very drinkable bitter with citrus fruit and hops aroma with a sharp clean aftertaste. Finalist at The Great British Beer Festival.Cheshire
7BelhavenFruit Beer4.6%The summer fruit compote embraces your palate with a profusion of berry flavours then closes with a creamy dry after palate leaving you in anticipation of your next drink.East Lothian
8Black SheepSpecial4.4%Well rounded and warming bitter beerYorkshire
9Black SheepRiggwelter5.9%Recipe for legless sheep…the new peculierYorkshire
10BrainsReverend James4.5%Ruby-ish colour, easy drinking, full bodied.Glamorgan
11BroughtonSummer Ale3.5%A light refreshing cask ale. Easy drinking with delicate malt and hop flavours and crisp clean aftertastePeeblesshire
12Burton BridgeGolden Delicious3.8%A strong hop aroma and a dry bitter finish. A fantastic session bitter.Staffordshire
13ButcombeButcombe Blonde4.3%Premium bitter with a great nose – Made with pale English malt, often called lager maltGloucestershire
14ButtsJester3.5%A light, fruity session beerBerkshire
15CainsFinest Lager5%Brewed using the finest malted barley in the world – ‘Marris Otter’ from Norfolk. Then stored or ‘Largered’ for 3 months to give it a smooth and fuller flavour.Lancashire
16Cannon RoyallFruitiers Mild3.7%Rich roast flavours – more stout than a mildWorcestershire
17Carlsberg – TetleyTBC2Northamptonshire
18Castle RockHarvest Pale3.8%Using gently kilned malt with an aromatic blend of American hops added during the brewing process gives this pale beer exceptional poise. The distinct hop flavour leads to a crisp finish.Nottinghamshire
19CotleighCotleigh Anniversary 254.0%Explosion of flavours from American Cascade hops. Light and golden with a fruit filled finish.Somerset
20Dark StarHophead3.8%An extremely clean drinking pale gold coloured ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes. This beer is full-bodied despite its very quaffable strength and dryness.Sussex
21DoghouseDozey Dawg4.4%Light and golden, bursting with flavourCornwall
22DonningtonS B A4.0%A malty bitter from Britain’s most picturesque breweryGloucesterhire
23DonningtonBest Bitter3.5%Light, malty and delicious, from Hooky’s only real rivalGloucesterhire
24ElgoodBlack Dog3.6%A traditional dark mild with malt and hops well balanced, giving a pleasant aroma and splendid roasted, bitter flavours.Cambridgeshire
25FelinfoelDouble Dragon4.2%The full drinking premium Welsh ale, malty and subtly hopped with a rich colour and smooth balanced character.Carmarthenshire
26FreeminerStrip and At It4.0%Pale summer beer with surprising depth of flavour. Named after a local pit where miners would put their coats on to have their break and when it was time to go back to work the foreman would say ‘Strip and at it!’Gloucestershire
27Frog IslandFrog Island Best Bitter3.8%A pale brown easy drinking beer with a malty aroma and a hint of caramel. The initial roasted malt flavour is balanced by the bitterness and hop character of English Target and Fuggles hops, which linger into the aftertaste.Northamptonshire
28Fuller’sE S B5.5%2Extra Special Bitter – no exaggerationMiddlesex
29GalesGales3.9%A dry, bitter beer with a long hoppy aftertasteHampshire
30Goff’sJouster3.8%Well balanced, drinkable tawny aleGloucestershire
31Green DragonChaucer3.7%A bitter bitter.Suffolk
32Greene KingRuddles County4.3%An ale with soft fruit aromas and a bitter sweet balance leading to an enjoyable, lingering finishSuffolk
33Hall & WoodhouseBadger Best Bitter4.0%A fine best bitter with a malty and biscuity aroma balanced with a subtle hop flavour. Fruity with a clean finish and bitter edgeSussex
34HanbyDrawwell Bitter3.9%A tawny bitterShropshire
35HarveysBest Bitter4.0%A full, well-hopped bitter with a reputation that exceeds the borders of its native and adjoining counties.Sussex
36HarveysTom Paine5.5%A dry-hopped, strong pale ale brewed each July to celebrate Independence Day. Named after the celebrated radical who wrote The Rights of Man.Sussex
37Hogs BackTBCSurrey
38Hook NortonOld Hooky4.6%A beautifully balanced beer, fruity by nature, with a well-rounded body and the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt.Oxfordshire
39Hook NortonHooky Dark3.2%A dark chestnut – coloured ale, crammed full of roast malt flavours, and complimented with superb dry-hop aromas from East Kent Goldings.Oxfordshire
40Hook NortonHooky Bitter3.6%A subtly balanced, golden bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate – the classic session beer, eminently drinkable.Oxfordshire
41Hook Norton3034.0%English Malt and English hops combine to make a very English beer. Dry and crisp with a hint of citrus, 303AD being the year of St George is the Beer of St GeorgeOxfordshire
42Hook NortonHaymaker5.0%A strong pale ale of distinctive taste. Plenty of Goldings hops during the brewing give it a certain something extra – like sunshine dancing on the tongue.Oxfordshire
43Hook NortonSpecial 2 (not yet named)Oxfordshire
44Hook NortonFirst Light4.3%A pale, light brew with a complex aroma anticipating heady days of al fresco. Malted wheat and malted barley give it an exotic palate; Styrian Goldings provide a fruity nose with hints of water melon and lychees.Oxfordshire
45Hook NortonDouble Stout4.8%Smooth and full-bodied with a refreshing hoppy aftertaste. A blend of dark malts give it a character all of it’s own. Black malt enriches the colour and teases the palate, and brown malt gives it the dryness.Oxfordshire
46Hook NortonTwelve Days5.5%Dark, strong, sweet – Hooky’s Xmas ale. ABV “for guidance only”.Oxfordshire
47Hook NortonSpecial 1 (not yet named)Oxfordshire
48Hydes AnvilJekylls Gold4.8%A refreshing, bitter ale with tangy citrus and floral character. Grapefruit and citrus notes in evidence derived from the high proportions of Styrian Goldings that are used.Lancashire
49Kelham IslandSummer Special4.2%Popular summer brewYorkshire
50LeesBitter4.0%A full bodied and full flavoured bitterLancashire
51Malvern HillsPriessnitz Lager4.3%Worcestershire
52MordueFive Bridge Bitter3.8%A fruity amber beer with more than a hint of hops. The bitterness carries on in the aftertaste. A superb session beer.Tyne & Wear
53North CotswoldSummer Solstice4.5%2English style wheat beer with German & Czech hops + a touch of spice in the aroma.Warwickshire
54OakhamBishops4.6%A strong premium of structured quality, dominated by elaborate fruity hop notes with a grainy background and dry finish.Cambridgeshire
55OakhamJ H B3.8%Thirst-quenching, grapefruity, with an initial subtle malty sweetness, this pale yellow ale has what it takes as bitterness and dryness develop.Cambridgeshire
56Oxfordshire AlesTriple B3.7%A session bitter, well hopped with Styrian and English Golding hops.Oxfordshire
57PottonPotton Gold4.1%Golden colour with a floral hop characterBedfordshire
58R C HPG Steam3.9%This complex multi layered ale has a floral hop aroma with medium bodied hop, bitter taste with some fruit and sweetness.Somerset
59RingwoodBoondoggle4.0%Irresistible hop aroma with high summer floral notes. Initial fruitiness with a crisp dry finish. A straw-coloured beer flavoured with just two aroma hops, the highly prized Fuggles and the new dwarf variety First Gold.Hampshire
60Robinson’sSunny Jim3.8%A light, thirst quenching summer aleCheshire
61RoostersStars and Stripes4.3%A blast from the past. It did elevate itself up to a Rooster beer. Three types of hop, two kinds of malt. Orange aromas, great beer.Yorkshire
62ShardlowGolden Hop4.1%Dry hopped with goldings for added flavour and aromaLeicestershire
63SharpsDoombar4.0%A rich golden. brown beer. Dry malt and hops in the mouth with a hint of barley.The malty finish becomes dry and hoppy. Named after the infamous sand bar located in North Cornwall’s Camel Estuary, the scene of many a nautical mishap.Cornwall
64SkinnersCornish Knocker Ale4.5%Golden ale with a fragrant, almost flowery nose…Cornwall
65St GeorgesFortitude3.7%A light session ale made from local hops to give a sweet delicate taste.Worcestershire
66St PetersOrganic Best Bitter4.1%A unique, full-bodied organic best bitter with a refreshing after-taste, highly commended by the Soil Association.Suffolk
67StonehengeSpire Ales3.8%A golden, hoppy beer ,with the new hop variety Pam adding a tempting nose to this very palatable golden brewWiltshire
68TaylorLandlord4.3%Often regarded as one of the best ales in the country, fruity, almost “lemony” bitter. Madonna’s favourite beer!Yorkshire
69TeignworthyOld Moggy4.4%Clear mahogany brew with a citrus flavourDevon
70Teme ValleyFool’s Gold4.5%Strawberry blond with a generous hop bitterness. Crystal malt adds some sweetness but you probably won’t notice it because we really pile in the Challenger, Goldings and Fuggle hops. Available April and May.Worcestershire
71ThwaitesLancaster Bomber4.4%2This rich amber beer has a prominent hop aroma and bitterness throughout. Finely balanced with a full malt flavour.Lancashire
72TringSammy Ebbs Summer Ale3.9%Refreshing blonde coloured ale crisp and dry on the palate, with a citrus hop aroma imparted by Cascade and Saaz.Hertfordshire
73TunnelSweet Parish Ale4.7%A reddish amber malty ale with a slight chocolate aroma. Enhanced by citrus notes on the nose. Initially malty in the mouth, becoming increasingly fruity as the traditional English hops kick in. The finish is a smooth gentle hop bitterness.Warwickshire
74UleyOld Spot Prize Ale5.0%Fruity reddish coloured ale, strong balanced aftertaste of hops and bitternessGloucestershire
75WarwickshireLady Godiva4.2%Blonde, gentle and full bodiedWarwickshire
76WellsBombardier4.3%Superlative bitter with an unexpectedly light, fruity flavour and mere suggestion of malt settles on the palate after a lap of honour over every curve of the tongue.”Bedfordshire
77Weston’s CiderTBC2Herefordshire
78White HorseOxfordshire Bitter3.7%Resonates with hops, with juicy fruit and resin in the aroma, and a drinking bitterness in the taste and finishOxfordshire
79WickwarIKB4.5%Strong in malty flavour and very well balanced to produce rich fruit flavours of cherry and plum. This beer is engineered to perfection.Gloucestershire
80WizardWhite Witch4.5%A pale, fruity ale with a strong, hoppy finish.Oxfordshire
81WizardDruids Fluid5.0%A full bodied, darkish beer with rich fruit and bitter.Oxfordshire
82WolfGold Jackal3.7%Howling good aleNorfolk
84Wye ValleyButty Bach4.5%A burnished gold premium ale. Full bodied, smooth and satisfying.Herefordshire
TOTAL86 Beers & 2 Ciders