2001 Festival Beers

1AdnamsBest Bitter3.6%Southwold bitter, good sessionSuffolk
2AnsellsBitter3.7%Creamy Birmingham bitter, now brewed elsewhere by Carslbesrg Tetley
3AnsellsMild3.4%The classic Birmingham mild, brewed by Danes, in Yorkshire!
4Arkell’sSummer Ale4.0%Refreshing, and often served chilled!Wiltshire
5ArundelGold4.2%West Sussex
6BarnsleyUmpires Finger5.0%Cricketer tippleSouth Yorkshire
7BatemanYella Belly4.2%One of a range of special ales from the Salem bridge brewery – be brave.Lincolnshire
9Black SheepRiggwelter5.9%Recipe for legless sheep…the new peculierNorth Yorkshire
10BoddingtonsBitter3.8%The cream of Manchester, tastes much better without the cream on top…
11BrainsReverend James4.5%More tea vicar? Or perhaps another hit on the original James Williams IPA?South Glamorgan
12BrakspearBest Bitter3.4%Regatta Refresher from Henley, better than Pimms!Oxfordshire
13Brewery On SeaGolden Lite3.8%a light coloured ale from the most nautical of breweries.West Sussex
14Burton BridgeBridge Bitter4.2%Amber, refreshing & cleanStaffordshire
15BurtonwoodTop Hat4.8%Deceptively light, sweet, soft and slightly nutty flavourCheshire
16CameronsStrongarm4.0%Creamy headed northern bitter with distinctive ruby hue.Cleveland
17DonningtonX X X3.6%Rare and flavoursome mild from the most beautiful brewery in the world.Gloucestershire
18DonningtonS B A4.0%A malty bitter from Britain’s most picturesque breweryGloucestershire
19DonningtonBest Bitter3.5%light, malty and delicious, from Hooky’s only real rivalGloucestershire
20ElgoodCambridge Bitter3.8%Tawny beer with lingering finishCambridgeshire
21FederationBuchanan Original4.4%Strong NorthernerTyne & Wear
22FisherrowNut Brown4.8%Brown from north of Newcastle
23Fuller’sLondon Pride4.1%Wonderful strong flavoured ale, malty, rich and bitter.London
24GalesButser3.4%Good session bitter, named after a hill! Fuggles and Goldings hops.Hampshire
25Goff’sJouster4.0%Well balanced drinkable tawny aleGloucestershire
26Green JackSummer Dream4.0%Waking up, and wondering where you are…. you’re in Hook Norton…Suffolk
27HarveysP A3.5%Originally called SUSSEX BITTER, now Pale Ale. A wartime recipeEast Sussex
28HarveysSussex Best Bitter4.0%One of our favourites, a beer to sip and savourEast Sussex
29Holden’sGolden Glory4.5%Black Country golden aleWest Midlands
30Hook NortonCopper Ale4.8%A premium dark red ale, based on the recipe used for the 150th Celebration brewOxfordshire
31Hook NortonFirst Light4.3%First Light is a very pale, light brew with a complex hop aromaOxfordshire
32Hook NortonTwelve Days5.5%Dark Strong Sweet, Hooky’s Xmas aleOxfordshire
33Hook NortonOld Hooky4.6%subtly sweet old-fashioned autumnal aleOxfordshire
34Hook NortonMild3.0%like it used to be, dark, tasty, surprisingly excellent chilled summer drinkOxfordshire
35Hook NortonHaymaker5.0%flower, fruity and packs the punch its name promisesOxfordshire
36Hook NortonGeneration4.0%Dry, tasty, addictive – latest beer in the range in honour of newest member of the familyOxfordshire
37Hook NortonDouble Stout4.8%proof that the Irish don’t have a monopoly; nothing like GuinnessOxfordshire
38Hook NortonBest Bitter3.4%The Best BitterOxfordshire
39Ind CoopeDraught Burton Ale4.8%Brewed by Marstons (Wolverhampton & Dudley) for Ind Coope (Carlsberg Tetley) – but stilled brewed in Burton!
40JenningsCrag Rad4.3%Cumbrian ClimbCumbria
41Marston’sPedigree_24.5%Well Known popular bitter.Staffordshire
42NethergateUmbel Ale3.8%A dark copper beer with a full, spicy hop and coriander noseSuffolk
43RebellionIpa3.7%A light, easy-drinking beer with a considerable depth and complexityBuckinghamshire
44Shepherd NeameEarly Bird4.3%Spring Hop Ale is brewed using a single hop variety, from which the beer takes its nameKent
45Shepherd NeameSpitfire4.7%Born to commemorate battle of Britain, and may yet win it. Dry, distinctive…Kent
46SkinnersCornish Knocker Ale4.5%Golden ale with a fragrant, almost flowery nose…Cornwall
47StanwayStanney Bitter4.5%Light, refreshing Cotswold gemGloucestershire
48TaylorLandlord24.3%Often regarded as one of the best ales in the country, fruity, almost “lemony” bitter.West Yorkshire
49TitanicIceberg4.1%A fantastic wheat beer that will hole any passing thirstStaffordshire
50UleyOld Spot Prize Ale5.0%Fruity reddish coloured ale, strong balanced aftertaste of hops and bitternessGloucestershire
51WarwickshireBest Bitter3.9%Pure quality from the next door county.Warwickshire
52WellsBombardier4.3%good, old-fashioned ale to chew onBedfordshire
53West BerkshireBerkshire
54WhitbreadFlowers Original4.5%Hoppy aroma and very bitter finishBedfordshire
55WolfGold Jackal3.7%Howling good aleNorfolk
56WychwoodWhite Wych24.0%Magical golden ale with powerful hoppy aromaOxfordshire
57Wye ValleyButty Bach4.5%Musical sandwich perhaps…?Worcestershire
58Young’sSpecial4.6%Strong, full flavoured bitter. The name special is well deserved.London