1995 Festival Beer

Extra 4.3% Champion Beer of Britain 1993. Orange friuty bitter.

Bitter 4.3% Reddish and well balanced – the Black Country Ladiestipple!
Mild 3.5% The definitive Black Country mild – perfect.

Black Sheep
Best Bitter 3.8% Subtle malty fruity bitter brewed by PaulTheakston in Masham
Special 4.4% Strong and flavoursome beer – a favourite at lastyears’s festival.

Danish Dynamite 5.0% Brewed in the UK by Danes!

Top Hat 4.8% Deceptively light, sweet, soft and slightly nuttyflavour
Buccaneer 5.2% Unknown – try it and see!

Best Bitter 3.5% Well balanced and distinctive local brew

London Pride 4.1% Wonderful strong flavoured ale, malty, rich andbitter.

H S B 4.8% Gale’s flagship beer, a full bodied premium bitter

Greene King
X X Dark Mild 3.0% A new recipe, fuller and sweeter than before
King’s Champion 3.8% Brewed, with Goldings Hops, refreshing andspicy.
Abbot Ale 5.0% Distinctive and strong, well balanced and fuity
Ipa 3.6% Hoppy biiter, good session beer

Sussex Best 4.0% Caramel maltiness, with balancing bitterness,typical southern bitter.
Tom Paine 5.5% Rare, but celebrated summer brew

Hogs Back
T.E.A 4.2% Tawny brown, malty bitter with balancing hoppiness

Hook Norton
Best Bitter 3.3% Our local brew – Excellent balance, golden maltand hops – slightly fruity and bitter.
Old Hooky 4.3% Unusual tawny beer, fruity, hoppy and slightlysweet – try it mixed with bitter
Mild 2.9% Drinkable red/brown mild sweet and malty – HNB’s ideaof a low alcohol beer!
Haymaker 5.0% Strong flavoursome summer brew for thirsty farmersbringing in the harvest. Ran out very early

Bitter 3.7% A very hoppy brew

Old Gavel Bender4.8% Full bodied, caramel flavoured beer, fromWarwickshire. Dry sharp aftertaste.

Pedigree 4.5% Well Known popular bitter.

Best Bitter 4.0% A light and flavoursome bitter from near Bath

Bitter 3.8% Golden brown, coplex flavours, sometimes described asorangey.

Shepherd Neame
Spitfire 4.7% Originally a commemorative ale for the Battle ofBritain, now a regular and popular brew.

Timothy Taylor
Landlord 4.3% Often regarded as one of the best ales in thecountry, fruity, almost “lemony” bitter.

Old Spot Prize Ale 5.0% Fruity redish coloured ale, strongbalaced aftertaste of hops and bitterness

Summer Madness 4.0% Light refreshing, but stronger than it’staste would suggest


6 X 4.3% One of the country’s favourite beers
Farmers Glory 4.5% Dark, fruity, complex

Charles Wells
Eagle IPA 3.6% Well balanced, with a dry finish.
Bombadier 4.3% Complex fruity beer with hoppy aroma andaftertaste.

Wye Valley
Dorothy Goodbody4.2% Actually Dorothy Goodbody’s GoldenSummertime Ale – a mouthful, and a splendid one too!

Wyre Piddle
Piddle in the hole 5.0% Yes really!

Special 4.6% Strong, full flavoured bitter. The name special iswell deserved.
Bitter 3.7% Light, well balanced with hoppy aftertaste