About Us

The Beer Festival is run by a team of highly motivated and talented volunteers. Please use the contact form to get in touch!

The Top Team:

  • Tristan Koch – International Airfreight
  • Gill Begnor – Programme Manager
  • Kevin Hope – Training
  • Hugh Robertson – Self-employed
  • Jonathan Nicholls – Healthcare
  • Pete Watkins – Musician (music@hookybeerfest.co.uk)

The Beer Begging Team 

  • Tristan Koch – Team Leader
  • Gill Begnor
  • Jonathan Nicholls
  • Mandy Bristow
  • Mark Willis
  • Hugh Robertson
  • Eric Milne
  • Selina Harris
  • Bethan Dennick
  • Will Lehman

For bands wishing to play at the festival and other music-related enquiries send a mail to music@hookybeerfest.co.uk